Working Papers

WS Schulz.  Working Paper.  “Mastodon Instance Comparison Experiments (MICE): A Framework for Observing Counterfactual Social Media.”

WS Schulz. Working Paper. “What Would You Say on the Internet? How Moderate Speakers’ Self-Censorship Polarizes Online Discourse.” PDF

E Manning & WS Schulz.  Working Paper.  “You Always Give Me Your Money: Dark Patterns in Online Political Contributions.”

WS Schulz, AM Guess, P Barberá, S Munzert, J Yang, S Bestvater, E Remy, S Shah, A Smith. Working Paper. “(Mis)representing Ideology on Twitter: How Social Influence Shapes Online Political Expression.”

Under Review

WS Schulz. 2024. “What Would You Say? Estimating Causal Effects of Social Context on Political Expression.” Conditionally Accepted, Political Analysis. PDF

X Shen & WS Schulz. 2024. “Introducing ReChat: A Lab-in-the-Cloud for Text Discussions.” 


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