Thesis figure

A data dashboard I designed for my master’s thesis at LSHTM.  I was trying to describe the very complex situation of vaccination teams trying to eliminate polio from Pakistan, who were being attacked by militants and banned from North Waziristan, and the one of the arguments being made against polio vaccination was that the vaccinators couldn’t be trusted because they might be Western spies, calling in drone strikes.  I wanted to ground my narration of these events in some factual basis, and so I chose to present the actual data on polio cases, drone strikes, attacks on polio workers and other aid workers, and the global media coverage of the whole situation, in this dashboard.  It doesn’t prove anything in particular, although it does demonstrate the resurgence of polio in the FATA.  Also, because attacks on polio workers continued despite a 5-month lull in drone strikes, we can infer that the violence towards vaccinators was not organized into any pattern of strategic retaliation to drone strikes (although this does not preclude a more general retaliatory motivation).  It also shows that the attacks got the most media attention when major leaders spoke out against them.  This is important because the motivation for the attacks may have been closely connected to the media attention they garner.

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